“Donation Station!”

Hi Dog Story friends!

Because we are an ALL-VOLUNTEER OPERATION, any donation you make comes right back at you via investments in our facilities – as well as our continued promise to keep ticket prices low.

In either case, because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, any amount you give is tax deductible for 2013!


Please donate whatever you can. Every single dollar makes a difference! You can either donate right here:

Eventbrite - Donation…or you can always send check or money orders to Dog Story Theater, 716 College Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

(We can’t receive mail at our actual theater address on Jefferson)

Why should you consider laying down some cold, hard cash?

On your last visit to Dog Story Theater – your affordable, nonprofit hotspot for drama, comedy, movies and musicals – did you:

Easily pay with a swipe of the credit or debit card?

Relax and sit back in our new Haworth chairs – the ones with built-in cushions?

Get a better view from our new risers?

Play on our new movable and flexible stage?


Thanks for your support of Dog Story Theater and all the performers who have a home because of your generosity.


The Dog Story Board

Kat Hermes, Amy McFadden, Dan Hawkins, Clare Mahave, Joe Anderson, Chuck Fortenbacher